What is BlockchainTech Congress?

We’re taking part in the next revolution of popularisation of the internet. The world’s economy is changing before our eyes.

Every day, thousands of people are looking for an answer to the question: How can blockchain revolutionize the world? In what way and where can we use its potential? How to regulate the technology? Could the energy sector gain from blockchain? In what way are ICO and tokenization revolutionizing the gaining of funds?

BlockchainTech Congress is a unique platform for exchanging experience and for representatives of all sectors interested in the operation and development of the breaking technology to meet. The event is a place to present examples of its implementation and to talk about the potential, the future and legal-regulatory issues. It is a great occasion to connect and strengthen business relations for all leaders who want to mark the trends of development in the digital world.

Advisory Board

Norbert Biedrzycki
Chairman of the Advisory Board, McKinsey Digital Vice President McKinsey & Company
Bartosz Skwarczek
CEO & Co-Founder G2A.COM
Marcin Petrykowski
Managing Director, S&P Global
prof. Krzysztof Piech
CEO of Polish Blockchain Technology Acclerator


dr hab. Iwona Karasek-Wojciechowicz
Member of the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum, Associate Professor at Jagiellonian University, Karasek&Wejman
Dave Ebbitt
Head of health informatics, Medicalchain
Karolina Marzantowicz
CEE Chief Technology Officer, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Polska
Rafał Zaorski
CEO, Krypto Jam SA
Izabela Olszewska
Member of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Szymon Wałach
Managing Director Strategy and Digital Transformation Division, PKO Bank Polski

previous edition

Caterina Ferrara
Blockchain Ladies Founder, ICO Advisor & Community Manager
Scott Millard
New Business Development, G2A
David Putts
Chairman, MD of Expansion, Billon
Piotr Schramm
Partner, lawyer Kancelaria GESSEL

Target group

Report from 2nd edition BlockchainTech Congress

Event is held simultaneously with

1st-2nd October 2018, The Westin Warsaw Hotel

WHY YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE in BlockchainTech Congress

"BlockchainTech Congress is above all else a forum to exchange experience. We're working with new technologies which are implemented in many places, but no-one knows what the best implementations of this technology and in which branches."

Wojciech Soleniec, Partner, EY

"At this congress we can meet many people who have lots of knowledge about blockchain. A lot of information that we can find today are incomplete. Here, we have a unique opportunity to ask questions and explain our doubts. It's at meetings like this that you can really learn a lot."

Sylwester Suszek, Member of the Supervisory Board, BitBay

"I'm glad that the conference organizers managed to create one of the first platforms in Poland, where they have tried to take on the problem of reconciling two elements of this branch. Both corporations where we have companies, large companies interested in the implementation of blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrency enthusiasts - this is quite a difficult challenge. Thanks to this platform, these two environments can communicate with each other to come to common conclusions and look for common solutions."

Szczepan Bentyn, CEO, Pracownia Nowych Technologii

"I think that such events are needed in our country, as we must educate more people about blockchain technology and its potential."

Lukas S. Zgiep Ph.D - Innovation Leader, www.zgiep.com

"Warsaw is coming to be the future FinTech hub of Europe, so I am really proud of this and to have my speech here today. I think that it is a very great congress with very great speakers from all around the world, and I think that it is very important for the future of cryptocurrencies and for the future of blockchain to educate people with conferences like this."

Caterina Ferrara, Blockchain Ladies Founder, ICO Advisor & Community Manager

"I'm here at BlockchainTech Congress 2018. One of the unique things about this event is that it brings people from the Crypto-Blockchain ecosystem, but also from the traditional ones, so you'll see big banks here, big 4's here, and for a company like Coinfirm that really serves as the bridge between the blockchain ecosystem and the traditional one."

Grant Blaisdell, CMO, Coinfirm

"I'm here at BlockchainTech Congress. It's really fascinating to be here, to meet all the amazing speakers that we have today here. I think Poland can take a lead and that BlockchainTech Congress can become one of the major conferences which can take the knowledge of Blockchain to all Eastern European countries."

Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEO, Cashaa


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