What is BlockchainTech Congress?

A revolution is coming. Blockchain is changing reality and the functioning of the economy – just like the internet once did.

Every day, hundreds of thousands people ask the same questions: Should we be scared of blockchain technology? How can we prepare for the regulation attempts of blockchain technology and the newly rising market? How can the energy sector gain from blockchain? In what way is ICO and tokenization revolutionising the way we get money?

BlockchainTech Congress allows to learn the basics of this breaking technology. We will also be discussing its potential and implementation, as well as the legal and regulatory threats.

What really is blockchain? It’s technology for sending and storing transaction information from a network. Transactions are laid out in chronological blocks of data. Thanks to BlockchainTech Congress, you can find out why the technology was created, for who, if its safe, and if it can influence the reality that surrounds us. The gigantic possibilities of blockchain, other than creating new values, give life to traditional business, stimulating it to better address the growing need of modern customers.

The BlockchainTech Congress is directed at those who know a lot about the technology, as well as those who are only just trying to understand it.

Advisory Board

Norbert Biedrzycki
Chairman of the Founding Board, McKinsey Digital Vice President McKinsey & Company
Krzysztof Piech
Professor at Lazarski University
Dorota Zimnoch
International expert industry fintech and insurtech
Wojciech Soleniec
Partner, EY
Robert Wiecko
Head of Project Management, DASH
Marcin Petrykowski
Managing Director, S&P Global
Jacek Figuła
CCO, Billon
Patryk Kadlec
Expert of Blockchain Technology

Thematic scope

1. What is blockchain?

  • Blockchain simulation
  • The principle of operation
  • Where and how can it be used?

2. Implementing blockchain in the economy

  • FinTech- implementation of blockchain in banking
  • InsurTech- Implementation of blockchain in insurance
  • How can the energy sectorr gain from blockchain?

3. Technological application

  • Smart contracts
    • What will be more important? Code, or a contract written in natural language?
    • Can we trust them? How can we use them?
  • Will ICO replace Venture Capital?

4. The future of blockchain – revolution

  • What will blockchain change in the global economy?
  • Should we be scared of blockchain?
  • Problems with understanding the technology
  • Recognising the potential
  • Monetizing services – how to use cryptocurrencies in the economy

5. Cryptocurrencies

  • The genesis of cryptocurrencies
  • What are the differences of functioning between different types of cryptocurrencies?
  • How to prepare for the attempts of regulating this technology and the newly formed market?

6. Public services

  • How to regulate? Should it be regulated?
  • Examples from other countries
  • What stage are the attempts of regulating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology on?
  • Criminal law and AML

7. Cyber-security – systems based off of blockchain technology and other decentralized solutions

  • Cyber-security – decentralized systems

Videorelation from BlockchainTech Congress

Target group

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stock Exchanges, Cryptocurrency, marketplace, currency exchanges
  • ICO projects
  • Cryptocurrency mines
  • Technology companies
  • Investmunt Funds and Investors
  • Law Offices and Consulting Companies


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