On the 28th of June, the Advisory Board of the II BlockchainTech Congress met at The Westin Warsaw Hotel. Norbert Biedrzycki, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Digital Vice President at McKinsey & Company provided the direction and dynamic conversation dedicated to deciding the substantive content of the autumn edition of the event. The opening of the event, which will be shared between the BlockchainTech Congress and the simultaneously occurring AI & Big Data Congress, will be under the slogan “Shaping the future”. During the joint part, the futuristic vision of business will be presented, becoming a connection between artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The group of the best experts decided that, just like in the previous season, the congress will touch on the topic of education. Even though the topic of blockchain is very loud, it’s worth explaining the revolutionary technology from the very beginning. The idea of how to approach this topic is having a simulation bringing closer the rules of one of the processes based off of blockchain. Next, the speakers will decide on the future of blockchain. Where is the technology going and how will it evolve over the next 3-5 years? When will Poland be at such an advanced level, that it could compare to the development strategies of the world’s economies? The autumn edition will concentrate on business use cases presented by companies who have managed to exist as pioneers of blockchain implementations. There will be conversations about how the implementation of this technology turns into value for corporations, and even more, what values come out of it to the final recipient of services or products? The debate will also concern the life cycle of business projects. It’s thanks to blockchain that businesses are arising, which without this revolutionary technology – wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Without doubt, a place is needed where it is possible to be above the competition and find out about the blockchain system through various topic blocks, which will be published soon in the agenda of the II BlockchainTech Congress.
We invite you to view the photo gallery of the Advisory Board meeting.