On 1-2 October, the BlockchainTech Congress took place. The event was an occasion to meet with businesses, providers, regulators and technologies. 43 speakers for 27 presentations brought more than 600 people during the two days.
Before us, an internet-sized revolution. During the BlockchainTech Congress, participants could take a huge step towards the upcoming changes in the market. Every person who took part in the event can be sure that they are up to date with technology, which is already coming into many economic sectors, and will soon be implemented as a norm in business.
The event started with a joint part between the BlockchainTech Congress and the AI & Big Data Congress. After the official opening of the Congresses by the Chairmen of the Advisory Boards, Norbert Biedrzycki and Tomasz Motyl, experts of blockchain technology and professionals in the areas of artificial intelligence and big data debated about the vision of the future.
Even though the topic of blockchain is very loud, it’s worth talking about the basic mechanisms of this technology. With this in mind, the first topic block of the BlockchainTech Congress started with a simulation showing the principles of operation of one of the processes based off of blockchain. With such knowledge, they took on the vision of development for the next 3-5 years.
During the two days of the Congress, leading companies presented their examples of using this technology in their company. Everyone who wanted to gain an advantage over their competition and get to know precise examples of solution implementation using blockchain now knows how to implement them in their own company. This is all thanks to the debates, speeches and use cases hosted by experts of the technology. There was also no lack of questions and explanations of any doubts, and after the official part of the congress, there was time for priceless business meetings.
The participation of speakers from Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Liechtenstein and Gibraltar allowed for the international perspective on blockchain implementation to be known. The congress gave a handful of inspiration which is needed by the modern, fast-changing market.
Knowledge about blockchain was shared by speakers, including Tomasz Buczak, Emmanuel Djengue, Dave Ebbitt, dr hab. Iwona Karasek-Wojciechowicz, Tomasz Kozar, Karolina Marzantowicz, Manuel Machado, Michał Turalski, Szymon Wałach and Max Wang.

Partners of the II BlockchainTech Congress

Strategic Partners: Atende, Asseco, Dell EMC, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej, Heyka Capital Markets Group, Vivus.

Partners: Luno, Bacca, Abak, ProfesCapital, CallPage, Gamfi.

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The event was organised by MMC Poland.