Thematic scope

1. What is blockchain?

  • Blockchain simulation
  • The principle of operation
  • Where and how can it be used?

2. Implementing blockchain in the economy

  • FinTech- implementation of blockchain in banking
  • InsurTech- Implementation of blockchain in insurance
  • How can the energy sectorr gain from blockchain?

3. Technological application

  • Smart contracts
    • What will be more important? Code, or a contract written in natural language?
    • Can we trust them? How can we use them?
  • Will ICO replace Venture Capital?

4. The future of blockchain – revolution

  • What will blockchain change in the global economy?
  • Should we be scared of blockchain?
  • Problems with understanding the technology
  • Recognising the potential
  • Monetizing services – how to use cryptocurrencies in the economy

5. Cryptocurrencies

  • The genesis of cryptocurrencies
  • What are the differences of functioning between different types of cryptocurrencies?
  • How to prepare for the attempts of regulating this technology and the newly formed market?

6. Public services

  • How to regulate? Should it be regulated?
  • Examples from other countries
  • What stage are the attempts of regulating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology on?
  • Criminal law and AML

7. Cyber-security – systems based off of blockchain technology and other decentralized solutions

  • Cyber-security – decentralized systems